So, living far away from my side of the family sucks, but it is a sacrifice that I am making for the time being so that Hubby and I can work well-paying jobs to save some money to eventually buy a house.

Since MIL did not have a close relationship with her family growing up, she clearly does not understand why I talk to my mother daily, and why I am in constant text contact with my many siblings. 

Since she is painfully unaware of the fact that her attitude and demeanor are woefully off-putting, she also does not understand that sometimes people need a break from her.

Thus, on one Thanksgiving eve, after I’d spent the day battling the tail end of a cold,  eaten a small dinner with the in laws, and accompanied them to have dessert (where I mingled while MIL barely spoke to anyone), I decided that I needed a trip to see my family. 

I wanted to spend the rest of the weekend around people who were loving and kind. I wanted my son to interact with my family as I feared that he would start a phase that some babies go through in which they fear people they do not recognize. As he would see very little of my family now that we were living with MIL and FIL (several hours away from my family), I wanted to take advantage of the holiday weekend.

I texted Hubby, who would rather I take the train with our 7 month old, than battle Thanksgiving weekend traffic for 5 hours. He agreed to drive me to the train station in the morning.

Since we had to be out of the house before 8am, and MIL does not wake up that early, we left without telling her. 

Che the crazy.

When she finally did wake up from her 10+ hours of slumber, I received a text storm. It was her usual gripes on another level. Only this time she got FIL in on the DIL-is-evil train.

I was rude, rash, not a good person, had made MIL cry (how could I be so mean?), and most importantly, I had taken my son on an hours-long train ride for No Apparent Reason. 

So basically, my family was no longer important and I need not visit them until I could magically poof myself to their city and avoid the long travel with my son?

What really topped this ‘cray cake’ (yes, I said cray), was that MIL went so far as to text MY mom to tell her of my rudeness. Aside from being beyond shocked at this woman’s audacity, I was a bit miffed by the idea that MIL tattled to my mom a la Seth Rogan in The Neighbors 2.

Here’s the kicker folks, when asked why MIL texted my mom and what she hoped to get out of the interaction seeing as how my mother was not going to spank me, she simply replied “well somebody needs to.”